Christian Soldiers Of America P.O. Box 1239 Summerville, SC 29484 An Open Letter To Pastors To the Pastors of America’s churches: I was pleased to see so many attend the Pastors’ Policy Briefing in Greenville, South Carolina stressing the need for pastors to lead the project “Rediscovering God In America”. This program  reinforces my confidence that others are concerned with the decline in dedication to our Heavenly Father due to an attack on this nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. “Christian Soldiers of America” is the project of The Center For Spiritual Leadership. The project began in response to my research into what events brought about the present condition of Christianity in America. I come from a perspective that I believe few Christians have spent much time considering. I wanted to bring this to your attention in hopes that it will help you reach those parishioners who put self-interest ahead of trusting in God. Hopefully, this letter will both distress and encourage you. As foot-soldiers of God’s Kingdom this is a battle against Satan that we can affect only if we address it. I believe the most effective way to fight Satan is to be able to identify his foot-soldiers. While we are desirable of eternal life as subjects of God’s Kingdom, we are losing unsuspecting souls to the covert attack of Satan’s army;  While we concentrate on looking towards the pearly gates of Heaven, Satan’s army is stabbing Christians in the back, killing their spiritual growth. We must turn around, face the enemy and take them on, not take  their presence lightly if we are to save those already in our churches.  While God will win the war, we don’t have to take so many casualties.  America’s pastors have failed in this regard. Here is my argument: Our freedom of religion stems from our nation’s Constitution which, undoubtedly, was heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian principles. Even our early laws were Biblically inspired: as William Blackstone, a Christian, who selectively applied the laws of England to our new country said, “No enactment of man shall become law [in America] unless it conforms to the law of God”. Our new government was to serve the people. As long as Americans held true to the Godly principles that most held sacred, we would elect representatives of similar values. It is clear to me that the prosperity of this nation reflects the condition of Christianity in America. With our nation in decline it is apparent that we need to be more aggressive and effective in protecting our fellow Christians from Satan’s attacks in addition to winning over more souls to Christ. As America prospered and became strong in every measurable way, our enemies realized that the only way to defeat our country and install another form of government would be from the inside of our culture. The values of the Christian (which were the same values of our Constitution) had to be the target of attack in order to weaken the fabric of society and create consequences that would lead to greater dependence on man along with less faith in God.  An awareness of the attack would reveal the oppression, and strengthen the Christian’s resolve to be faithful to their Heavenly Father in times of trials. So it would be more effective, although a slower process, to extend a righteous behavior to the secular government so it could take over the role of the Christian, with the Christians support, as if it were the Godly thing to do. This meant infiltrating our theological seminaries and creating a Social Religion that would enable Christians to bring glory to God by proxy. It wouldn’t appear to destroy Christianity, or suppress the freedom of religion, but such a covert attack has  destroyed the value, in God’s eyes, of many a Christian’s service. The result has been fewer individual blessings, an uncertain and weakening faith and consequences that, instead of leading men back to God, has lead to trusting more in a government that pretended to espouse Christian values. We will be judged on an individual basis, not on the work of the collective. By our heart’s condition and by our strict adherence to God’s law, not our adherence when the conditions allow or as we see fit. Over the decades I have seen the role of the Christian usurped by the government, the freedom of religion relegated to private places, out of the eye of the public so as not to offend anyone. Many Christians have taken comfort in the relief from guilt (the softening of sin) that the Social Religion has taught, leading others whose faith is not yet developed, to believe that any proposed good, whether performed according to God’s directions or not, must be acceptable in the eyes of God. As a result, many in our government have taken advantage of this nurtured attitude to entice the people to serve the government which is now controlled by the communist wing of the Democratic Party. (The Democratic Party adopted one of the Communist Party’s political platforms shortly after the 1948 Presidential election.) The communist influence in government has accomplished the installment of ALL 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto into American law! The communists are a tool of Satan, and the Democratic Party is a tool of the communists. Christians, for their sake and the glory of God, cannot support the anti-God ideology promoted by today’s Democratic Party. I make mention of this because of the presence at the previous conference of Newt Gingrich, a candidate for President of The United States.  In the last Presidential campaign in which Mr. Gingrich ran for the nomination, he did not get the support of Evangelicals because of his “baggage”. And yet christians stayed home on election day allowing an ungodly man to win the election instead of a man who, although imperfect, lived a more godly life than many of the christians who stayed home.  In this election I encourage you to vote against Satan, if not for the GOP candidate. No matter who the candidate is, I encourage you to view it as an opportunity for the candidate to redeem his skeletons by reversing, as much as possible, the communist-influenced policies that have become law in America, thereby restoring to Christians the individual responsibilities that have been voluntarily surrendered in recent decades to God’s dismay. For us this is not a secular election of Republican against Democrat. It is a battle of spiritual warfare, Christians against the Communist plan. We cannot sit home on election day because we don’t like the candidates. A failure to vote against Satan is a vote for Satan. If you are not familiar with the communist attack on Christianity (which has been quite successful) you can learn of the Congressional Record that documents the plan to overthrow the U.S. government by converting the Christian vote through a change in the Christian message. It is the same plan the communists used to subvert the Russian Orthodox Church in the 1800’s. To learn more about this, listen to the audio topics on the home page of this site. Because the Constitution was based on the Judeo-Christian principles of the people whom the government was to serve, it is the duty of true Christians to lead the people who have abandoned those principles back to God.  By doing so, the government, now served by the people, may be returned by Christians of Revealed religion to its rightful place under the Constitution, demonstrating a respect for God’s law and re-aligning Christians with God’s Will. Because many people who enter our churches do not leave their egos outside the door, they are not getting the spiritual message; they don’t understand the spiritual language, so to speak. Therefore, in the pages of my website, I speak in the language of their ego, hoping to get through to as many as possible. It may not be effective, but it is worth the effort. Satan appears to be winning the war against Christianity and I don’t get the sense that Christians even know such a war is going on. That is because Satan’s war strategy is Deception, which he does so well. Who else but Satan could get communists, who don’t believe in God, employed as Professors of Theology in our seminaries? Claiming they were deceived won’t work for Christians any more than it worked for Eve. Each of us have an obligation to seek the Truth and listen to the Word of God, not the voice of any man. Sometimes love requires us to be blunt. It is a daunting task to undertake: It is difficult enough, even with freedom of religion, to convince the non-believer of his need to trust in God. It is more difficult to convince those who claim to be believers that they are not convicted of their belief. We have concentrated on the physical needs of the sick and poor and neglected their spiritual needs. It is the lukewarm Christian that supports Satan’s political party (not said lightly). Their salvation is at stake and they don’t even know it. They have been told “Once Saved, always Saved”.As true believers in Christ it is our duty not to be asleep, but to be aware that there are lost sheep in our own flocks. They must be rescued at any cost! I realize that many of you believe that you cannot say what the people need to hear because of your tax-exempt status; It is against the law for you to speak out against, or in support of, a political party or candidate (while a law, it has never been successfully supported by the courts). That is not the case with me. To inform Christians of Satan’s form of Christianity (the Social Religion), its source and its influence on other Christians, without breaking the law, just refer them to this website-  God will be with you as you take on the challenges presented in these last days. Sincerely, D. Jonathan Scott REGISTER here to opt-in to our FREE email updates to receive a plan of action, and to contribute your input into the process of concentrating on the spirituality of our parishioners.