The Center For Spiritual Leadership                          “Those people not governed by God shall be ruled by tyrants”....Wm Penn    PRESENTS               Christian Soldiers Of America        JOIN US With all the chaos going on around the world, many of us have been distracted from what is really happening here in our own country. Yet many of you recognize that we are quickly moving away from being ”one nation under God” to becoming one nation under the thumb of our leaders. Our Members Area is now free to all. There you can review all of the topics listed therein. We have a lot of work to do. For many years our country prospered as it was guided by the Christian principles that founded our nation. Now the dominant ideology that has proven itself to be anti-Christian is about to destroy all the prosperity and opportunity that our people have been blessed with. Sadly, many Christians have supported this change with their vote. Man can only provide the need for Hope and Change, only a strong faith in God can provide it.  We would appreciate any donation you care to make. Our products are designed to educate, not entertain. All proceeds go to making our services possible. The more supporters we have, the more we can do! Join us and watch this site grow to serve you better. FYI- you should know this: unlike most of America’s churches, we are not tax-exempt. If we accepted tax-exempt status we would not be allowed (by law) to bring you much of the information that our members need to know. It is our belief that true Christians do not support a good cause just to get a tax deduction. any     Please join us or, you may donate any amount that you are comfortable with.      any amount Thank you, and may God bless you and the United States of America.