The Center For Spiritual Leadership                          “Those people not governed by God shall be ruled by tyrants”....Wm Penn    PRESENTS               Christian Soldiers Of America Our Mission To the Pastors of America’s churches Christian Soldiers Of America is a project of The Center For Spiritual Leadership, a faith-based organization.         Our Constitutional form of government has been under a concentrated stealth attack since the 1930s:  Because this nation was founded on Christian principles, the greatest obstacle to overthrowing the Constitution was a people of faith who would consistently vote out of office those politicians who violated those principles. So a 45 point plan was devised by the Communist Party at their annual conference, with the intent of neutralizing the Christian vote by changing the message through deception. This included replacing Christ’s “Revealed Religion” with Satan’s “Social Religion” (Communist goal #27). The result has been minimizing the peoples perception of their accountability to their Creator, the transference of a Christian’s responsibility to the government and acceptance of the government’s “good Intentions” programs (Socialism). This has led to a loss of freedoms, the motivation to be secularly self-reliant, a dependence on government instead of trust in God, and the threat of losing the benefits that dependence required if you didn’t vote for the Party that “gave” them to you (a government not “of the people, by the people” but for the government). The Center finds Jude’s message of urgency to fight for the faith shouting at us in view of Satan’s attack on God’s people and church, and we are deeply saddened at the Christians lukewarm desire to be “Christ-like” leaving them open to such deception. Government will throw the Christians to the lions once they have accomplished their agenda. Furthermore, God will “vomit you out of my mouth”(Rev: 3:16) for their conditional acceptance of Christ. “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”(Matthew 16:26)        Our mission is to get Christians to examine their church’s mission to see if it emphasizes serving people who do not serve God (Social Religion). Caring for the sick and the poor is both good and Biblical. But God gave specific instructions on how to do it (Matthew 6:1-4). This was to be an act of kindness coming from the heart, not a church program. Among other things, Social churches use service programs to grow or plant churches with the interest of the church detracting from glory to God and attracting people to the church with material, not spiritual  motivations for membership. Does your church have programs specifically designed to develop your spirituality, or has service to others been at the expense of what must happen if your are to be granted admission to Heaven? Social churches have given credence to political socialism which is presented to Christians as the righteous thing to do, while serving the Marxist-based objectives of Communism through Socialism.         Although minimal progress was made prior to the Great Depression, the Communist Party of America got it’s big break in the 1930’s when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt demonstrated good faith by including some of the Socialist Party’s objectives in his New Deal. The Socialist Party ended their many bids for the Presidency of the United States after the Democratic Party adopted the Socialist’s political platform in the 1950’s. American communists now consistently vote for the Democratic Party candidates. Does that not give you a clue!        Now, despite 80% of Americans claiming to be Christian, Democrats, with some compromising Republicans, have enough votes to fully install Socialism in America, and are moving at full speed. About all that is left is to destroy Capitalism (our economy) in order to replace it with a Socialist model in spite of the model’s failure every time it has been tried world-wide! Those who are called the “Christian Right” not only recognize this to be the financial destruction of our country,  but a violation of the Christian principles that made America “one nation under God”. The Christians on the Left have fallen victim to “Social religion” which “includes” those who are “of this world” (service outside the spiritual family), tolerates ungodly behavior (gay agenda), does not discriminate as Christ did (self-serving clergy), and compassion for all, not just for those who deserve it. Bad behavior is not conducive to learning if it is rewarded.        For some Black churches, the Marxist-based Black Liberation Theology puts just enough importance on the physical to displace the spiritual as all that counts. Churches are for praising God while enjoying the fellowship of like-minded persons, not lamenting over Social Injustice that affects the flesh.       Socialism promotes forced human equality (social justice, an element of Social Religion), but every theology should focus all on God and nothing on man. Christians cannot expect God’s favor as long as they support social religion and the godless political institution that designed it. It is our hope that, with your support, we will be able to enlighten enough Christians to the deception they have fallen for, get them to turn away from the anti-God ideology they have been supporting, put God first, and replace every politician, of any party, that does not respect the Constitution and the Bible on which it is based. Only by saving the Christian, which is of primary concern, can we save the nation. We respect, appreciate, and support the motivations of the TEA Party participants. We hope you will support us as we support you to save our nation, and strengthen the faith of Christians so that they can preserve our Christian nation as well as receive the Grace of God.